Discover the Harvest Moon collection

Discover the Harvest Moon collection

Given the time of year, I felt it was the perfect time to share the story of my harvest moon collection. The fields around the workshop are full of life – often working longer hours than me – and it's always a lovely reminder of my childhood spent on the farm.

Harvest time is one of my favourite times of year with everyone busy in the fields getting the harvest in before the weather breaks. The change in the air and the smell of the harvested fields floods back memories of helping out on the farm.

My inspiration for this collection comes from the beautiful light which is cast across the fields of ripe barley during this time of year and the Harvest moon which has a beautiful golden glow. 

This is what I have tried to capture in the harvest moon collection, incorporating a citrine into the design to reflect the colour of the moon and the deep golden glow cast across the ripe fields. 

I particularly love the pendant for this collection which my daughter models beautifully.

Last weekend I managed to drag her away from Tiktok for an hour to get some fantastic photos modelling the collection in the barley field next door to the workshop.

The light was just perfect and I wanted to capture the photos before the farmer started to combine the field.

Our Peedie new tractor

We - that would be my husband and I - recently bought ourselves a peedie grey Massey Ferguson Tractor, it brings back a lot of Happy memories for both of us growing up on a farm. 

Although bought as a bit of nostalgia, it is still put to work towing my husband’s boat home after a season of creel fishing.  It is a bit of a project with a few things needing restored but I am looking forward to having it on show one day soon.

We both grew up on farms but took very different paths.  I trained in the jewellery trade while my husband went to sea and still fishes for crab and lobster during the summer months, then makes creels and lobster pots during the winter months.

It’s something I will always feel grateful for, working so closely with my family and certainly after the last 18 months.

Discover the full Harvest Moon collection over on my shop!

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Celebrate our new website launch with 10% off

Celina Rupp Jewellery

Welcome to the new and improved Celina Rupp Jewellery website.

We’re really excited to share our new site with you, which we’ve been busy developing over the last few months. While the shop and gallery in Holm, Orkney, will always be the beating heart of our business, we wanted to recreate some of that magic online for those of you who can’t always physically pop into the store when you want to.

As you will see, the website features Celina’s full catalogue of jewellery collections inspired by the landscapes and coastlines of Orkney and Scotland. All of the pieces you see are available to order directly through the website and are made to order for you.

Whether it's a distinctive wedding ring or a pair of finely crafted earrings, each hand-crafted piece is available to browse and purchase from the comfort of your home.

All orders come gift wrapped in our eco-friendly packaging. So, whether you’re ordering something for yourself or as a gift for someone else you can rest assured that your delivery will be extra special.

If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our new blog, where we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite collections and the stories behind them. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

To celebrate our new website, we’re offering you an exclusive 10% discount code when you subscribe to the new Celina Rupp newsletter. Once signed up, we will send you the code for 10% off your first/next online order.

To join the Celina Rupp mailing list and receive your discount code, click here and enter your details.

The introductory offer will run until Monday September 6th, with the code valid until November 30th 2021.
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