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Orkney Jewellery

Jewellery inspired by the place we call home - Orkney


Standing Stones

The Standing Stones are a Neolithic monument and the oldest stone circle to be found in Orkney.

Maeshowe Dragon

The Masehowe Dragon is one of Orkney's most instantly recognisable motifs.

Heart of the Chapel

Celina was inspired to create this collection from the beautiful craftsmanship that is held within the Italian Chapel in Orkney.

Anchors Haven

This collection is inspired by the feeling of warmth and comfort as you return home to the welcoming view of home


Merry Dancers

The Merry Dancers collection is inspired by the dramatic Northern Lights as they dance and dart across the sky at night.

Ebbing Sands

This stunning jewellery collection is inspired by the ebbing tide leaving stunning ripples and patterns in the sand.

Rackwick Bay

Rackwick Bay in Hoy, Orkney, is an amazing and beautiful beach surrounded by high cliffs and covered in large boulders and sand.

Rose Window Jewellery

Celina's Rose Window design is inspired by the beautiful Rose Window found in the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.



In Orkney, 'selkie' is also a common word for a seal, which are a common sight around our shores. This collection celebrates these animals.


This Orca jewellery collection is inspired by the amazing close encounter that Celina had right outside the gallery earlier in 2023.


Otters are amazing creatures that can be spotted along Orkney coastlines. This collection celebrates their unique and special character.