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RNLI Lifeboat

As Kirkwall RNLI celebrates 50 years this year, Celina Rupp Jewellery will be donating 10% from every sale of the special edition 50th Lifeboat Pendant and Pin Badge to the Kirkwall Branch of the RNLI

This is a charity close to Celina’s heart as her husband Gary has been a lobster fisherman for many years and is now being followed in his passion by his son Ryan.

It is reassuring to know the brave men and women of the RNLI will come to the rescueof those in difficulty at sea.

For this we can’t thank you enough and will be forever grateful for the commitment and dedication to those involved within the RNLI


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RNLI Lifeboat 50th Anniversary Pendant
RNLI Lifeboat 50th Anniversary Pin Badge