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Valentine's Ideas

Valentine's Ideas

Wearable love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.

Fine jewellery makes a wonderful gift. It’s a match made in heaven.

Here are some of Celina's delicious pieces of hand-made jewellery designed to make your loved one’s heart beat faster at this special time of year.

The dramatic Viking Heart silver and gold jewellery collection

Celina’s Viking Heart pieces are enduringly popular with their curly spiral detailing and elegant lines.

Her Viking Heart collection was inspired by the design of the magnificent Viking longships, rich in ornate decoration. Curves, spirals and curls are popular Viking motifs, as they are in Celtic symbolism, and together they typify the Orkney islands.    

A pair of glimmering Gold Viking Heart Earrings makes a thoughtful gesture, and there’s a dramatic Large Viking Heart Pendant in gold to match. Both are also available in smooth, cool silver.

You might prefer a delicate real silver Viking Heart Bracelet set on a pretty Belcher chain, or a discreet small silver Viking Heart Pendant.  


The touching Heart of the Chapel silver jewellery collection

Celina’s Heart of the Chapel collection is equally lovely, and there’s a charming story behind the symbolism. On the Orkney island of Lamb Holm lies an extraordinary Italian Catholic Chapel, an incredibly ornate place built during World War II by Italian prisoners of war as a labour of love and faith.

Once they’d finished their daily work on the Barriers  they’d turn their attention to the Chapel.

Most of the delightful artwork and frescos inside were painted by Domenico Chiocchetti of Moena, aided by the electricians Primavera and Micheloni and their compatriots Barcoglioni, Battiato, Devitto, Fornasier, Pennisi and Sforza.

Their work lives on, an ethereally pretty building loved by visitors and locals alike, a tiny slice of Italy far from home.   

As the story goes, one of the Italian prisoners of war fell in love with an Orcadian woman, but he was already married. Heartbroken, he set a metal heart into the stone floor of the chapel.

Celina’s Heart of the Chapel Stacking Ring combines two textured beaten silver rings with a plain silver band, set with a circle containing a heart to reflect the calm serenity of the chapel and the heartfelt love its creators put into it.

To go with the ring there’s a pair of silver Heart of the Chapel Drop Earrings, and silver Stud Earrings created to the same design.

There’s also a really pretty charm bracelet featuring the same heart set on a silver Belcher chain.

If you’re looking for something stand-out and sensational, choose the Heart of the Chapel Large Pendant in silver, 4.2cm diameter, featuring a fiery embellished Italian cross with a smooth heart in its centre. You’ll love the matching Heart of the Chapel Brooch, in either medium or large. 

If delicate jewels are your love’s favourite, go for the Small Heart Pendant set within a shining circle.  



Fall in love with Celina’s silver Orca jewellery collection  

The Orkney Islands now sees Orca's fairly regulary, the largest member of the dolphin family, regularly seen off Hoxa Head on South Ronaldsay, Marwick Head and Scapa Flow, Catnick Head on Hoy, Noup Head on Westray, and North Hill on Papa Westray.

A close encounter with a huge bull orca, seen at touching distance right outside the gallery, fired Celina’s imagination.

Her Orca jewellery collection honours these awe inspiring creatures, full of movement and personality.

Choose from an Orca large Necklet set choker-style on a silver band so it nestles in the base of the throat, a striking item of jewellery. 

There’s an Orca Small Pendant or Medium Pendant on a chain, a delicate Orca Charm Pendant, and lovely Orca Stud earrings and an Orca Medium Single Bracelet to match.   

If you’re lucky enough to see Orca at play, flashing and splashing around each other in the clear northern water, Celina’s sensational Double Orca collection will bring the experience flooding back.

It features one large Orca and its smaller companion with their fin and tail entwined, flowing together perfectly – just like the two of you.  

Adore the delightful Highland Cow silver jewellery collection

The Highland Cow is a rustic breed packed with personality.

Just looking at one of them makes you smile. Originating in the remote Highlands and Western Islands and famed for their long horns and shaggy coat they are incredibly hardy, completely at home in rugged Orkney.

Celina’s Highland Cow collection celebrates these intelligent animals with their friendly faces, big wet noses and massive horns. Set within a chunky circle of real silver, the collection includes stud and drop earrings, pendants in small, medium and large, plus single and double bracelets on classic Belcher chains. And for the man in your life? How about a pair of Highland Cow Cufflinks.

The star of the show is the 9 Carat yellow Gold Highland Cow Medium Pendant, a magnificent piece of jewellery inspired by this iconic creature, full of detail and like all of Celina’s jewellery, made with love.

Seeing a Highland Cow still drives a lot of joy - so if you're looking for that piece of jewellery to excite a loved one, then the Highland Cow collection just might be the jackpot.

The extraordinary Orkney standing stones collection

The ancient peoples of Orkney left their mark on the islands’ landscapes, and Celina’s Orkney Standing Stones jewellery collection praises them thousands of years later. Choose from a collection of beautifully abstracted contemporary designs featuring monuments whose purpose has been lost in the mists of time, but whose strange power never wanes.

The Standing Stones Ring and Bangle go together particularly well, just two in a small yet perfectly formed assortment of imaginative jewellery fresh from the far, far north.  

This would delight anyone who dreams of visiting Orkney, or is fascinated by the history of these isles.

Silver Valentine’s Day jewellery celebrating the natural glory of Orkney

This stirring place provides inspiration at every turn. Celina’s jewellery tells stories about the beauty found in simplest things. There are designs influenced by the islands’ typical fishing creel, the crisp winter surf and delicate bird prints in the sand,  the lighthouses and the playful sea otters, the proud highland stag, delicate autumn leaves and sharp glittering frosts.

Castles, flowers and clouds, tinkling burns and harvest moons, white horses, waves and owls.

It’s clear Celina adores this place.

Her sense of it shines through every piece of jewellery she makes in this unforgettable setting. Ebbing sands and wheeling Arctic terns, silvery fish and moonlight adventures, anchors and cosy home havens, it’s all waiting for you, a treasure trove of beautiful things to prove your love.

So, no matter how you want to define your love, there is a piece of jewellery just for it.