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Orkney Jewellery

All of Celina's stunning jewellery that is inspired by her home - Orkney. Whether it's the maeshowe dragon, the Italian chapel or the Ring of Brogdar, Celina finds her home as incredible as ever - and these jewellery items show this.


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Lighthouse Collection Medium Pendant
Standing Stones Studs
Selkies Bracelet
Selkies Medium Pendant
Moonlit Shores Small Pendant
Standing Stones Ring
Lighthouse Collection Drop Earrings
Drekkar Small Pendant
Rose Window Medium Pendant in Silver
Standing Stones Small Pendant
Heart of the Chapel Charm Bracelet
Drekkar Stud Earrings
Selkies Large Drop Earrings
Lighthouse Collection Brooch
Lighthouse Small Pendant
Merry Dancers Stud Earrings
Moonlit Shores Ring
Maeshowe Dragon Pendant
Merry Dancers Small Pendant
Italian chapel heart stud earrings
Arctic Tern Bracelet
Selkies Ring

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Italian chapel heart pendant
Drekkar Bracelet with Amethyst
Rose Window Double Chain Bracelet in Silver and Rose Gold
Rose Window Medium Pendant in Silver and Rose Gold
Standing Stones Bangle
Selkies Medium Drop Earrings
Selkies Small Pendant
Standing Stones Drop Earrings
Standing Stones Large Pendant
Lighthouse Double Chain Bracelet
Lighthouse Collection Large Pendant
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