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The transformation of the new premises is really taking shape.  
I cannot believe the difference it has made to the overall appearance of the building and the view that is now so prominent inside the once dark and dated interior.
Renovations are well under way but there is still so much to do before we can welcome you all across our door.

The fantastic view finally being revealed by Mervyn (aka Dad/Grandad) and Derek


The first front window opened up, so exciting and so much light.

The smaller 2 windows on the left which were part of the mens toilets and the office windows have now been replaced with these beauties.  What a beautiful view across to Scapa Flow and Hoy in the background.
The dream team! Leanna and Ryan getting stuck into the renovations in their spare time, and not forgetting Gary who has worked tirelessly everyday helping the builders.
The Spring Collection
I love seeing the fields being ploughed in the spring and the seagulls flocking behind the folds of soil to get first chance of a feast from the newly turned ground.  Click on the photo to see more from the Spring Collection.
Our new security guard Arlo keeping watch over the jewellery in between his naps!