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October holidays and Autumn Leaves

October holidays and Autumn Leaves

 After a very dry summer in Orkney the weather has eventually broken and the heavens opened.  

There is a definite feeling of Autumn in the air, it was great to see the farmers getting their harvest in before the weather turned.

There has been a lot going on at our workshop in the last few weeks…Ryan (my stepson) has left his job at the airport and  is now a full-time employee/trainee at Celina Rupp Jewellery.

I am very proud to have him working along side me in the workshop passing on all the fine intricate skills involved in creating our unique jewellery designs.

He has been working with me part-time over the last few years and is already very capable and confident in what he is doing.

Also he has to put up with me on a daily basis now so he must be very patient!


It's the end of the fishing season for my husband too. All the creels are hauled and taken ashore with the boat being towed home today by our trusty peedie tractor.  We had all hands on deck to help get her home safely!

It has been a great season with the settled summer and I really can't complain about lobster and crab for tea, although we will miss that over the winter it was lovely while it lasted.

The boat is now getting a good clean and a bit of a refit over the winter ready for the season next year.


We are already into the October holidays so Leanna has been helping in the workshop with packaging orders and cleaning cabinets and jewellery.  

We are hoping to get out a little over the holidays and visit Skaill beach - one of our favourites. And, if the weather stays settled, we'll maybe get a bit of paddle boarding to.

We managed to get some lovely shots of the Autumn leaves collection outside on a cool day and the light was just perfect.

Look out for a peedie competition coming up soon. xx